Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Wall of Wonder - A celebration of Meyna School's Journey!

The Wall of Wonder (on the left) and the Practical Vision (on the right) blank.... empty.... waiting for the brainstorming to start!

Individual brainstorming of events in Meyna School's history.

The school began in 1947 as a community school... it would be nearly 40 years later before it became a government school.

From individual brainstorming of historical events, to groups sharing their lists.

Sometimes a little clarification was needed to keep things moving along.

The small groups really enjoyed this activity of reflecting on the history of the school.

Okay.... if you don't know much of the early years, just move to a time period from which you brainstorm your memory of the school's historical events.

Placing the information cards under the time period, was an informative adventure for everyone.

Hmmmm.... under which time period should this event be placed?

Look at that fist full of half sheets this group brainstormed!  Their sheets alone could fill the whole Walle of Wonder!

More and more workshop participants come forward to help fill the Wall of Wonder.

Mr. Hamad, the Deputy Principal (and local school historian!) upon my request, walked the group through the Wall of Wonder.

Mr. Hamad told stories of past events and people .... and had the participants laughing through his tales.

Once the participants had all their historical events on the wall, and we'd read through them all, I asked them to think of each section as a chapter in a book.  What would they name each chapter.

The first period form 1947 to 1980, the grouped named The Infancy. 
The middle period of Meyna School from 1981 - 2001 was given the title ... "Concrete Stage."

The arrows on the half sheets indicate shifts or transitions that took place at that time.  The sad face, indicated a low point.

The period from 2002 to 2011 was named the "Achievement Stage."

The participants named the whole book.... The Great Journey toward Excellence of Meyna School.

The white half sheets provided information on Meyna school during the time period, whereas the color half sheets provided information about Holhudhoo Island, the Maldives and the world.

Don't I look as though I'm saying something very profound?

Behold..... the Meyna School Wall of Wonder!

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