Thursday, June 23, 2011

Funny what catches my eye ..... on the island

Greeting the morning sun...

How could I have not noticed them?  How many weeks did I walk directly under these coconuts.... and not even see they were there?

I mean, compared to the green or brown coconuts, these guys darn near glow in the dark!

Soon these little baby yellow - orange coconuts will be showing off their brilliant colors too!

How many afternoons, did I sit under this massive tree, as I watched the sunset.....?  Never looking up at the elaborate geometric designs Mother Nature has created with these branches.....

Busy as.... well, busy as ants... I guess I have to say!

1 comment:

yvonne said...

well - I guess with all your professional work finished, you can finally focus on something else - hope you get to relax during your last few hours on the island!

Yvonne x