Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Let's tell a story..... using Story Cubes!

Here's a fun educational game I brought with me from California.  Story Cubes!  Inside are 12 cubes with figures on each side.

It's one of the educational tools which is kinesthetic, visual and auditory.  Great for kids of any age.

First a student in the group, rolls the cubes.  Here's where the story begins...... with "Once upon a time ......" and the student uses one of the cubes. 

"Once upon a time there was a big tree."  The next student then adds to the story by using a different cube.  Each subsequent student continues the story, using a different cube until all the cubes have been used.  The students might roll the cubes again and start a new story, or continue the one they are on.

In small groups during the primary school workshops, I had the teachers practice telling stories using the cubes.

A fun, creative exercise, with some challenging elements when you are the student who must continue the story using the last..... perhaps difficult cube picture!

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yvonne said...

Ahhhh! - I'm LOVIN' these Story Cubes Leslie!

Yvonne x