Friday, June 17, 2011

Room set up - the day before the strategic planning meeting

Okay... what's the plan? What section of the workshop goes on what wall?  Where do we start.... hmmmmmm

The Wall of Wonder can go over there on the left.... then the Practical Vision could take the right side of the back wall.

Then..... let's see......

Lots of headings for each part of the workshop need to be written and placed up on the walls.....

This tape better work!  The masking tape I just tried, kept the heading up on the wall all of about 3.5 minutes.... that just isn't going to cut it!

Just keep adding more and more rolls of tape to the backside of the header.  I know, I know.... it's taking forever.... but..... how else to keep the headers stuck to the wall?

Then in addition to all the rolls of tape on the back, tape the whole outer edges to the wall.

Never used so much tape in my life to get a piece of paper to stick to the wall!
Tape behind the header, tape around the header, tape and tape and tape and tape and tape..... this is a nightmare!

Anil, one of the expat English teachers, is helping me prepare the room for the workshop.  He's the one who is cutting all the stock paper for the headings.

Anil's writing is much better than mine, and so he's also making the header cards.

More tape!  More tape!  More tape needed!

So.... Mr. T..... since it looks like Anil is cutting the paper, writing the headings, and taping them to the wall..... what are you doing?

Supervising... can't you tell!  The Commitment and Strategic Directions can go right over on that wall.

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