Thursday, June 9, 2011

Sometimes, it helps to take a classroom break and do something different!

The energy level in the classroom had dropped. Needed something to re-activate the students' brains..... a puzzle!

All three houses need to be connected with gas, water and electricity.  However.... no lines can cross.  Students, you have three minutes to solve the puzzle... starting now!

Students began drawing lines..... and it was not long before they'd boxed themselves in!  The trick with this puzzle, like many puzzles, is to think outside of the box!

The classroom suddenly became a beehive of activity and energy as the students raced, against the timer, to solve the puzzle.

"Think outside of the box," I tell students!  One student did solve the puzzle interestingly enough.... when I gave this puzzle to teachers during the professional development workshops at Meynaa.... no one could figure it out.  So often, we overlook the obvious!

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