Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Going Green.... Holhudhoo's Green Gateway to the island

Two very large and very old trees, growing maybe 20 feet apart, form a majestic green gateway from the port, to the island of Holhudhoo!

No one I talked with on the island knows for sure the age of these trees.

Growing downward from branches, high up in these old Banyan trees, are a kind of branch that eventually grows into the ground, sending down roots, and in effect forming a unique new tree trunk.

The red bunch of roots in the middle of the picture have yet to reach the ground and start a new trunk.  How many more months or years before that tangled mass of roots reaches the ground?  I have no idea.....

Given the phone booth behind the tree, gives one an idea of the size of the trunk.  How many roots have slowly, over the years, grown down from the branches to form the massive trunk of this Banyan tree?

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Tomi said...

I remember banyan trees from Honolulu days...on the other islands too. Wow!