Monday, June 6, 2011

Individual family sized hydroponic units on Holhudhoo

The seedlings, each in their own individual plastic container, are ready to be placed in the hydroponic tray.

This is a type of pilot project funded by UNDP.  A deal of research has gone into the style and construction of the hydroponic units, the types of vegetables that can be grown in the Maldives given the high humidity, as well as the mixture of nutrients needed to help the plants grow.

One-by-one, the individual plants are placed in the round holes in the trays.  Water is slowly pumped through these trays.  The moving water helps the plants grow faster.

All the holes are filled..... only thing left is for the plants to grow and produce vegetables for the family.

Special nutrients are mixed together in water, then added to the water tank that feeds the individual family hydroponics unit.

The netting is dropped around the hydroponics unit.  Now all that is needed is time, water and the sun to help the plants grow and produce food for the island.

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