Saturday, June 18, 2011

Now... the other big job...... writing the 5 Year Strategic Planning Workshop's Final Report!

The 5 year strategic planning workshop I facilitated is now history!  Success!  Time to celebrate!  Let the good times roll.......!!!!!

So how am I going to celebrate?  By writing the final report of the Meyna School's Five Year Strategic Plan.  Exciting..... right?

I'm a real party animal.....

Hey.... I've got an e-idea - from the Maldives to California!

  Mellow Milan.... you are good at writing strategic plan final reports.  How about you and I getting e-connected?  I can e-give you all the data from the workshop and you can e-send me the final report!

If you don't mind, once you've written the report, could you go to BabbleFish, or one of those online translators, and have the report e-translated into Dhivehi?

You're the e-man.... Mellow Milan!

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