Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Raibin - Putting it all together in the lesson

Beginning of the lesson, Raibin opens with some small talk as he moved into the learning objectives for the day.

Randomly calling on students, using the roll sheets and student numbers ...... for groups to present the projects they'd been working on.

The first group explaining to the class their project regarding Global Warming.

Using all of the learning modalities is an excellent instructional strategy.... here with the auditory componet, building on the writing and illustrations.

Very creative and professional presentation by this group of young ladies!
How about a new energy drink!!!!!!

Keeping a good pace to the lesson, Raibin next had students engage in a review of the previous day's vocabulary.

Following the individual responses to the vocabulary assignment, the whole class worked together to give the correct answers.

At the end of the period, before moving the class to the listening lab, Raibin brought closures to the day's lesson.

What with the various activities within the lesson, the pace was excellent.  Students were actively engaged in the learning process, throughout the period.

Good job Raibin!

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