Saturday, June 18, 2011

Victory Circle to Current Reality to Commitment and Strategic Directions to Calendar and Assignments - the afternoon was one big blur of activities!

Before we get too far ahead of ourselves, let's recap what we did in the Practical Vision!

A facilitator's dream.... blank wall space ... just waiting to be covered over with the Victory Circle, The Current Reality, Strategic Directions, a Calendar..... and ultimately lots and lots of half sheets of paper!

Then it was off to the races with the Victory Circle!  Anil, my Co-Facilitator did a great job capturing what the particpants saw themselves celebrating one year into their strategic plan.

As I walked the participants through The Current Reality part of the workshop, again, Anil captured on paper the participant's comments.

Yikes! The Dangers of Success!

Okay... so here's what we said we'd be celebrating a year from now.... and here's what we were our Current Internal Strengths and Current Internal Weaknesses; our External Opportunities and our External Threats; and the Benefits of Success as well as the Dangers of Sucess...

with that said.....

What's our Commitment and Strategic Directions?

Here's our first year calendar with the three strategic directions and quarterly action plan.

The struggle.... who is going to be responsible for making sure these things get done?

The group really struggled with deciding who would be responsible for insuring the action plan was implemented.  In the end, the Head of the School, was named as the individual responsible for the action plan.

Footnote:  the school is waiting for a Principal to be named.  The position has been vacant for sometime now, and the two Deputy Principals serve as the Acting Principal.

One last activity the group wanted to add to their action plan.  With the six rows from the Practical Vision, the group wanted to identify, by year, when each of the items in that row would be implemented.

 Row by row from the Practical Vision wall, we took the half sheets down, and placed them on a new calendar indicating if they would be done in year 2, year 3, year 4 or year 5.

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