Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unannounced observation - Aravidan's 12A Classroom

The "Starter Activity" assignment was on one side of the board, and the Learning Objective was written on the other.
The "Starter Activity" today was linked to the Learning Objective:  Students will be able to express their ideas clearly.  Hence the "Starter Activity" asked the students to introduce themselves to their classmates.

This was the first class of the term for Aravidan with these students, so this activity served as a way for him to get to know his students and do some initial diagnostic assessing.

Once all the students had finished introducing themselves, Aravidan introduced today's lesson.... personality.  Aravidan's first step was to tap into his student's background knowledge on this topic..... always a great technique to assess before the lesson, and to get student involvement right from the start.

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