Sunday, June 12, 2011

Rabin takes over next class after my model lesson

These special 10th grade English classes provided an excellent opportunity for the expat Indian teachers to put into practives the instructional and classroom management techniques I'd taught and modeled.

Short, direction instruction, followed by an activity which provided students with an opportunity to process the information taught.

Checking for understanding...

Continually moving throughout the classroom to monitor and assist the students.

The first thing I do in these reflective conversations, is to ask the teacher to tell me, step-by-step, each of the activities of the lesson. 

Then I ask they when they, as the teacher felt frustrated, unsure, or anxious?  When were the students the most engaged?  Finally what would they do differently?

These after the lesson reflective chats have helped the teachers not only process what they did, their feelings about it, but more importantly to learn from the experience.

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