Friday, June 3, 2011

Mr. T's Demonstration lesson with Co-Teaching mixed throughout

After reviewing the lesson objective of this demonstration lesson, it was time to move to the next activity.

The starter activity (bellwork) for today was a series of sentences containing errors, which students were to correct. 

As students worked on the assignment, I moved throughout the classroom checking for understanding.

Randomly calling on students, I asked them to identify the mistakes and how to correct them.

After having demonstrated this Starter Activity in the first period class, I had the expat English teacher, Anil, co-teach this part of the lesson with me in the second and third period classes.

Co-teaching with Chinchu, one of the expat secondary English teachers, the introduction to the reading comprehension part of the lesson.

Reading comprehension.... first the students numbered the paragraphs, then drew a double box around the title, I had the students identify vocabulary words they did not understand, so front loaded them with the meaning of these words, before I slowly read the story to them.

By my reading the story to the students, I help them work on their reading comprehension as well as reading fluency skills.

Again, after my demonstrating this lesson during the first period class, I co-taught it with Aravindan the second and third periods.

Before reading the story, I'd written on the board the who, what, when, where, how, and why questions.  I noted to students that these were the questions I wanted them to think about as I read the story to them.

Each class did a great job with this assignment.

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