Thursday, June 23, 2011

My last Hurrah .... at Meyna School

My final classroom lesson, was based on a short story called, The Wall, from Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul.

First I read the story..... students followed along listening for the fluency and reading comprehension.

We reviewed any new vocabulary words, before I read the story a second time.

When I passed out the paper with the story, I had deliberately removed the last two paragraphs of the story.

When I finished reading the story the second time, I asked the students to predict what they thought would happen next.  Very creative responses.  I was impressed.

Then I passed out the second to the last paragraph, and again asked the students to predict what they thought would happen.  Again.... a variety of creative responses.

"What's the morale of this story," asked Mr. T?

"Be happy with what you have," the students responded.

Since this was Aravindan's class, and he served as photographer during the lesson.... I found, upon examing the pictures on my camera that he'd taken.... this one.  A self protrait. 

 Thank you Aravindan, for allowing me to teach my final lesson at Meyna School, to your students!

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yvonne said...

Ahh... sad this is your last lesson - bet they'll all remember it though! x