Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unannounced observation - George's 10B classrrom

George's lesson today, was a continuation of yesterday's lesson.  The reading handout George had begun yesterday with his students, continued to be the core of today's lesson.  In my reflective conversation with George following the lesson, he planned to use the same hand out again tomorrow.

During the workshops, I emphasised the extended use of the handouts.  In other words, take one handout and build in multiple extension activities, therein structuring ways for the students to read and comprehend the context of the handout.

Since the students had gone through the handout the day before, numbering the paragraphs and underlining key words and concepts, today's exercise included their writing a short summary.

George had followed my example from the professional development workshops, using structured techniques to help students "get into" the content of the handout.

George added his own innovation ..... since there were no questions on the back (something the students are so use to finding and going to, before they even read the content), George had prepared ahead of time, questions to help guide the students with their summary writing.

These questions George had written on the board, for the students to answer .... a kind of brainstorming leading up to the drafting of the summary.

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