Monday, June 6, 2011

Small commercial sized hydroponics unit on Holhudhoo Island

This is a project funded by UNDP and is being developed for small scale commerical use on the island of Holhudhoo.  The spongy type material has small holes in it, into which the seeds are placed.  The seeds germinate and begin to grow in a special water.
The sponges holding the seedlings are separated and given to one of the women to place in a hole.

The plant growing in each individual spong pad, is checked, making sure the roots are well developed.

Each little spong pad, with its seedling, was carefully placed in the round hole.
The larger hydroponics unit, with round holes into which the small spong pad with the seedlings are carefully placed.

Ground garlic that had fermented, along with hot chili peppers were added to water to make a biologically safe insecticide.

The mixture was shaken well for use later when any bugs might show up.

Almost done planting...... now just let the plants grow and produce vegetables.

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