Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Unannounced observation - Raibin's 10C classrrom

When I entered Raibin's classroom, the lesson was already underway and the students were engaged.  In a pre-observation discussion, Raibin had told me about yesterday's lesson where he'd used the Bubble Map Graphic Organizer to help students brainstorm writing ideas.

Since he was having the students write about islands in the Maldives, he'd drawn the Bubble Map circles, to look moreso like Maldivian Islands.  Clever!

Upon entering the classroom, the "Starter Activity" was already on the board.  The activity was to define vocabulary words from yesterday's reading comprehension assignment.

Raibin handed out a Cambridge type form filling handout... asked the students how much time they'd need, then used his cell phone to set the timer. 

Throughout the workshops, I used the timer consistently, so it was excellent to see that this technique too was being replicated in the classrooms.

Students had to read a text, and then use the information from that text, to complete an application. The completing of these types of forms, is part of the "O" level exams students must pass in the 10th grade.

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