Saturday, May 28, 2011

Teacher's classroom "High Expectations" through randomly calling on students

Classroom teachers can daily demonstrate their High Expectations of their students, by making sure they call on students randomly to respond to a question.

By using this strategy, a teacher is telling the class that they believe all students can learn and be held accountable through randomly calling on them to respond.

I modeled through the Meynaa School workshops, how to use the random selection process. 

First, I'd pass around a bag with numbers inside.  Teachers would draw out a number, after which I'd ask them to write that number on their workshop notebook.

Once this was completed, I'd randomly call out numbers and ask teachers to raise their hands, to make sure everyone understood how the strategy worked.

With this strategy, it is important that the teacher asks the question, pauses to give the students "think time," and only after these two steps to randomly call on a student to respond.

If the teacher randomly calls on the student first, and then asks the question, the other students feel they no longer need to pay attention, since they are "off the hook" so to speak.


So I would ask a question, pause, randomly draw a number, call it out..... and in these workshops with expatriot Indian teachers.... most often they would stand when they would respond.

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