Monday, May 30, 2011

Island life, business, offices, and so forth

One of the three restaurants on Holhudhoo Island.

In addition to the regular meals served at the restaurants, these little snacks are always available.  Often taken with tea in the afternoon, they are delicious!  Some are like little sandwiches, others coconut based, some taste like pizza, and others fish.

Boat building and repair is one of the few industries on the island.

Here's the drug store.... usually opens about 6 p.m.  However the pharmacist is great... I needed contact lens cleaner and he did not have it available.  So he special ordered it for me from the capital.

The two story blue building is the island's indoor sports center.  Directly in front of the sport's center is one of the island's mosques.

The inside of the sport's center.

The island's administrative office.

The diesel powered electric power plant.

The island's cemetery. 

Fishing is both an industry in the Maldives as well as a sport.

Lots of little stores can be found on the island.  This one is selling mainly clothing.

Theses are almost like convenience stores, carrying a little bit of everything... bottled water, stationary, canned foods, soap, snacks....

A few of the little stores also carry fresh fruits (apples and oranges) and vegetables (potatoes, carrots, and onions).

I think I've counted three trucks on the island.  Few motorcycles and the health center has an ambulance.  One can pretty much walk along any street on the island and not worry about traffic.

The island's streets are made of a fine sand and  ground corral mixture.  When it rains, water often stands in the street.... eventually seeping down to help replenish the somewhat salty underground fresh water reservoir.

Many of the houses have large plastic containers for storing rain water.  This is the water that people rely heavily upon for their source of drinking water.

Crows are everywhere on the island.  I've not been able to get a photo yet of the huge flying bats.  Actually, the bats are larger than the crows!

Children's play ground area.

The island has a health center with one doctor.

Rajan is the health center's lab technician.

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