Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Keeping teaching fun!

Each day when the English teachers enter the workshop, there is some "Bellwork" on the whiteboard.  Today it was a puzzle.

On the whiteboard I had drawn three houses in a row.  Directly below them I'd drawn three boxes:  one was the gas company, one was the electric company and one was the water company.  Teachers were to draw lines from each of the water, gas and electric companies to each of the houses, without crossing over any line.

Takes some creative thinking!  One of the teachers, upon finding that he could not get a water line to the middle house without crossing a line...... drew rain about the house!
At the end of the period, I gave the teachers the following homework assignment:

"A bear walked one mile south.  Then it turned and walked one mile east.  Then it turned again and walked one mile north.  It wound up right back where it started.  What color was the bear?"

Were the teachers excited about returning to tomorrow's workshop?  Yes!  If for no other reason, they want to know the color of the bear!


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