Sunday, May 15, 2011

On stage for English teacher workshop

Today I conducted my first workshop for English teachers at Meynaa School on instructional strategies related to teaching reading comprehension.  The workshop addressed the needs of those students who need extra help with English. 

The instructional strategy I introduced was one where the teacher guides the students through the written text using the three main modalities of visual, auditory and kinesthetic.  So, for example, the teacher firsts has the students number each paragraph in the text.  Next students draw a double box around the title of the text.  The teacher asks questions about the title, to link the text to students' background knowledge.

Now the students are ready to begin reading the text.  Students are asked to underline the "who" or subject of the text; next draw a box around the "what" in the text.  Cirle the word that tells them "where."  A star next to the word that indicates "when."

Once students have identified these words, the teacher can then guide them on how to put the words together to form a summary of the text.

I also introduced "Graphic Organizers" to the English teachers, again explaining that these forms provide a structure for students to organize information.

The workshop went by so quickly..... I forgot to take any pictures!

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