Friday, May 13, 2011

Meyna School classroom observations

Meynaa School is located on the island of Holhudhoo.  The school teaches grades 1 through 12.  It has about 450 students with approximately 60 teachers.

My first week at the school was spent observing classes at all grade levels.  My classroom observations served as a kind of informal assessment of the teachers' professional development needs

Here I am talking with an economics class.

The calendar, written in Dhivehi, reads from right to left, with the week beginning on Sunday.  Friday and Saturday are the weekend.

At the beginning of an assignment, this third grade English teacher would pull the whole class together to give them instructions.  Excellent technique for keeping the students focused, and a structured reason for moving from their desks to the group activity

The Maldives is a Sunni Muslim nation.  The school uniform for the girls is a white burka, while the boys wear either all white or white shirts and black slacks.
Fifth grade English class.  I think there were about 23 energetic students in this class.
Oh the joys of learning!

Eleventh grade chemistry class.

At the secondary level, the school employs many teachers from India.

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