Saturday, May 21, 2011

Some of the locals on Holhudhoo Island

"So you see, once upon a time in a far off land there was this little island where......"

That's not exactly our conversation, but this little ELL third grader sure did have an excellent command of English.

Cute and sweet!

Normally women here do not like having their picture taken.... but you know how it goes once you start chatting...

It didn't take long before we realized we'd both gone to the same university, we'd both had part time jobs at the same little restaurant, our kids were now attending the same private school, and how we'd continued to miss each other while getting our morning coffee at the islands only StarBucks.... neither one of us could figure out!

So the conversation ended with the typical phrase.... It's a small world. 

How can he do that?

The universal language...... of a smile!

So.... am I really that funny?

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haddo said...

This blog is great, its very interesting. Since I'm from the island of holhudhoo and I havent been there for around 10 months, I'm very happy to see some pics of the island.
Thank you Mr. T for this