Monday, May 16, 2011

Explicit directions and checking for understanding

One part of my professional development with teachers at Meynaa School is covering how to give students "Explicit Directions" and "Checking For Understanding."

Students basically like a structured classroom, and I've explained to the teachers, that the clearer we are as teachers of what we want students to do, the more instructional / teaching time we gain.

Explicit Directions:  I want you to do the following three things, but only start them after I tell you to do so.  First I want you to clear off your desk, second I want you to take out your textbook, third I want you to open the book to page 46.

Check For Understanding:  Student A "How many things have I asked you to do?"  Student B " What is the first thing you are suppose to do?"  Student C "What is the second thing you are suppose to do?"  Student D "What is the third thing you are suppose to do?"

Okay student, now I will give you 15 seconds to complete those three things, doing them quietly, and you can start right now......

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