Sunday, May 29, 2011

Lunch time!

It's lunch time for Mr. T on Holhudhoo Island!  What special Indian dish has Mr. Boopathy prepared today?

Rather than eating all my meals at a Maldivian restaurant on the island, one of the Indian secondary teachers at Meynaa School, invited me to eat with him at his house.  Boopathy is an excellent cook!  Daily he cooks some very tasty, spicy vegetarian meals for himself and a couple of other expatriat Indians who also work on the island.

Fun thing is that every meal is different!  Boopathy teaches chemistry at the school, so when he finds time to prepare all these tasty meals..... I don't know!

That's Boopathy on the right.... Rajan, in the center, is a lab technician at the island's health center.  Albert, who is also part of the meal time group at Boopathy's place, is  the schools computer technician, took the picture.

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