Monday, July 4, 2011

First day of volunteering in Chiang Mai! Friends For Asia Group # 80.

The medical interns, all dressed up and ready to meet the doctors at the hospitals.

Over the weekend, the volunteers participated in a two day orientation.  Now it is time for all of them to be taken to their volunteer sites, introduced, and given their schedule.  I was able to accompany about half of the volunteers to their sites, while shadowing the Friends For Asia staff to experience the day-to-day operations of the organization.

Time to jump into the truck English teachers, and we'll be off to the temple schools.

Ready to begin teaching the monks!

First stop, the temple school where I volunteered last fall.  Three volunteers will be at this temple school for a month.

Next, to drop off one volunteer at a temple school, located right next to a very famous temple in Chiang Mai. 

Reviewing the all important..... volunteer teaching schedule!

As in all things, volunteering in Chiang Mai being no exception, there are a certain amount of formalities to be followed when first bringing new volunteers to a site. 

This public school will be hosting three volunteers for a month.

The volunteers are always eager to see their teaching schedule.

Our last stop was with the publishing intern, who will be working at a very well known magazine in Chiang Mai.

Creativity seemed to be flowing in every direction at this publishing company...... three publications per month.... lots of deadlines.... so lots of demands!

End of the day, the Friends For Asia staff touches bases with the volunteers to talk with them about their first day experiences.

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